Lovelace Climate Card Battery Level

So I got my Z-Wave thermostat up and running. Everything works and looks great. However, I can’t figure out how to display the battery level of the thermostat within the climate pop-up. I see the battery level in the state page. I need to show the battery level for climate.first_floor_heat. All the other ones are powered with a C wire.

#Thermostat Tab
  - icon: mdi:mdi:thermometer
    panel: false
      - type: entities
        title: Climate
          - climate.basement_heat
          - climate.first_floor_heat
          - climate.second_floor_heat
          - climate.guest_room
          - climate.kids_room
          - climate.living_room
          - climate.master_bedroom
          - climate.basement_ac
          - switch.qubino_zmnhbdx_flush_2_relays_switch_4
          - switch.boiler_main_switch

I am not aware of a means to put it into the thermostat card without making a custom card.

If you just want to pull that data into a sensor, see the example below.

If you have a lot of battery powered sensors, you may want to look into something like this

I already created a sensor template for the battery level. How do I go about making a custom card for this?

- platform: template
      value_template: "{{ states.zwave.second_floor_heat.attributes.battery_level }}%"

Have you considered using one of the existing cards? For example the Gauge card or the Sensor card?

How would that give me control over my thermostat to set the heat state and target temperature?

The Gauge card will display the value (battery-level) of template sensor you created (second_floor_thermostat_battery_level). Yes, it will be displayed separately from the Thermostat card.

If you want the battery-level to be displayed within the Thermostat card then, yes, you will need a custom card to do that.


Here is a custom thermostat card that might interest you.

Why this card might useful to you is because it can be configured to show values from other sensors:

With configuration you can hide all of the information pairs as well as add custom sensor values (like humidity) that is relevant. Examples of sensor values can be humidity, outdoor temperature, energy usage today and so on.

Are there any detailed guides to setup a custom card? Although I am comfortable with light coding, I never coded a custom card.