Lovelace: Column Layout not working

Hi all,
since a few weeks, my lovelace dashboards are displayed in one column only, whereby it was three before. Any ideas, where I f*cked up?

Are you running a modified Theme?

Yes, but here comes the odd thing. One some dashboards I still have three columns :thinking:

If you are using card-mod in your theme, its probably a small coding error. You’d have to share the code to know for sure.

Okay, let me copy/paste one of my views here: HA -

I meant your theme code, not the lovelace code. Sorry for the confusion

I use this one GitHub - malcolmturnbull/draculaish-ha-theme: Dracula-Inspired Theme for Home Assistant with light and dark modes.

let me check it out…

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Hey @LiQuid_cOOled , could you find anything interesting already?

With my all respect - posting ~2000 lines is not productive.
What is productive:

  • comment cards one by one to find a culprit;
  • remove inner stuff to make a code short & reproducible.

It is most probably some custom card which stopped reporting it’s height.

With my all respect - this post is not the one that LiQuid asked for.
What is productive:

  • reading the complete thread

Thanks for the hint. What I could find, is that the pure amount of bubble cards (linst 2080) is breaking it…really just the amount of them.

I think I have the culprit.
I have been adding the custom:mod-card to put a border on my cards. It really makes my entities and vertical-stack cards stand out.

But it puts all the cards on the view into a single column.

This is too pathetic. But it’s OK )

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Imho it depends on a particular card inside mod-card.
Another example: config-template-card (issue).

Seems there is a related PR.

My 1st attempt to reproduce a “mod-card issue” is positive:
3 normal stacks:

Same stacks, and the 1st in mod-card:

And some cards may behave bad w/o mod-card (issue):

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I’ve been experimenting with it since your last post. mod-card works fine for simple cards like “entities”, but nothing with a custom card.

This is a bit confusing.

  1. mod-card is supposed to be used for a standard or custom card w/o ha-card. No need to use it for Entities card.
  2. In my example mod-card is used with a standard vertical-stack.

I am trying to recall a custom card w/o ha-card.
For instance, it is tabbed-card - but it behaves wrong w/o mod-card too…
If you recall any custom card w/o ha-card, I will try to check it.

What I know about CSS you can put in the period at the end of this sentence. How would I know which cards have ha-card?

Whether some card has ha-card or do not - you may know when you start styling it by card-mod.
Since you said “mod-card” in some post, I think you have experience with card-mod.

I use both. I use mod-card to put a border on the card. Is there another method to do this?

Both what?

As I said:

For instance, no need to use mod-card to set a border for Entities card.