Lovelace - conditional card - allow for multiple cards

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please allow for multiple cardS to be displayed on 1 (set of) condition:

- type: conditional
    - entity: light.bed_light
      state: "on"
    - entity: switch.decorative_lights
      state_not: "off"
    - type: entities
        - device_tracker.demo_paulus
        - cover.kitchen_window
    - type: entities
        - lock.kitchen_door
    - type: entities
        - light.bed_light_right
        - light.bed_light_left

Sad, December 2018 and still not working, just needed this feature and not available :frowning:

If you use a Stack In Card card into Conditional card ?

Is it working ?

Why not use a vertical-stack?

You have to understand how this works:

  • Conditional card is a card as any other card so it will take the space of 1 card in lovelace which contains other card(s)
  • It is not (and will probably never be) possible to conditonnaly display multiple cards on different slot as if they were independant cards

But if you want to have them grouped together, you can use a vertical-stack as the card of your conditional card.