Lovelace Conditional Cards work inconsistently

I have several entity buttons that toggle input_boolean switches that should be showing a conditional card. It seems the conditional cards only show up if I refresh my browser. Same problem on Chrome and Firefox.

If the browser is started with the input_boolean switches as on the conditional cards appear and I can toggle them off then back on again. If the switches are off and I turn them on I need to issue a refresh to see the conditional cards.

I’ve noticed when I turn on the switches the area on the screen where the card should show up produces a small (1 pixel or so) space.

Anyone else having this problem? Solution?

Give state-switch a try.
More possibilities and less code.

PERFECT!!! Thank you for the suggestion

Spoke a little too soon. Started having similar problems using the state-switch.
It works and then after a minute or two it suddenly stops, the only way to get it to work is a refresh.

I removed the custom dark-sky-weather-card and the state-switch works again. I think the dark-sky-weather-card update may be causing the problem? Anyone seen this happening?

Fingers crossed, but state-switch seems to work well overhere, and it is indeed a simpler way of working!?

Please see this thread Custom Dark Sky Animated Weather Card post 905 thru 912