Lovelace Corrupt?

Something happened on my Lovelace front end - when I clicked edit, everything disappeared and my home screen is now blank.

I assume that one of the config files is somehow corrupt i.e. the json or xml is not parsing correctly.

Where are the config files stored for the front end? I am unable to edit the blank home screen, everything I add just disappears.

the lovelace file is .storage\lovelace but is in a java format

I am assuming I can simply stop HA, copy the .storage\lovelace file from BU, then restart will work?

BTW what is java format? The file contents appear to be json/xlm

sorry json brain fart LOL

that plan should work

No worries. Apple spell check refuses to type xml and keeps changing it for me to cml and xlm (whatever those are)

Does Lovelace show a different interface for different devices?

After recovery my ipad shows the old interface, on my PC I get a new scrambled version. I’ve deleted my cache and forced a reload on the PC but it still gets loaded with the scrambled version.

No. Unless you’re using custom components like custom header

Found the problem.

Safari on MacOS Catalina uses some kind of cache that is un-clearable through the developer menu. The only way to clear the cache is to go to Safari->Preferences->Privacy->Cookies and website data->Manage Website Data then delete the info stored for the HA ip address.

The interesting part is that both Firefox and Chrome also kept defaulting to the corrupt version until I cleared the cookies/web data in Safari. Now all 3 browsers are working with the correct Lovelace interface.