Lovelace Dashboard on low-end tablet

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Hi all,

this post is more like a survey or an information research.
I’m planning on having a wall mounted dashboard in my living room to control HA.
Since I have a spare iPad Mini 1st Gen, my original plan was to use that device.

Initially I was planning on creating my own webpage, then I saw other Dashboard project (like TileBoard) and decided to go with one of them. Everything was working fine.


Now that Lovelace became the default UI, and after I moved my UI configuration to Lovelace adding several custom card, I was wondering: why not using Lovelace as dashboard?

Long story short: Lovelace doesn’t work on my iPad Mini with iOS 9.3.5. Since it is an old device, it runs in es5 javascript_version mode, and that cause several card not to work at all.

So my question is: anyone of you are using Lovelace as wall mounted dashboard, running on a low-end device? Something like an Amazon Kindle Fire tablet, that can be found for a few bucks on ebay.

I hope to find someone that is able to run Lovelace on a low-end device, so to be sure to buy an used device that works with HA.


I had hoped to use a Fire Tab (7" version) for this but it’s just not up to the task.


I was hoping to use that one too. Have you tried? It has performance related limit or functionality issue?


I spent quite some time to have the Play Store installed, the horrible Fire Home Screen removed, add the Fully Kiosk and Chrome browsers and then some.

So, I think from a functionality point of view I’m there.

It’s the performance - or lack thereof - that’s my major issue.


Ok, so no Fire 7 due to performance, probably is better to try with at least the 8th version.

I was thinking, and that is something probably for the core developer of HA: my iPad got recognized as “old” device, and it runs in es5 javascript mode. It is supposed to work anyway? or it is right that something is not working?

Looking in the Safari Inspector of my iPad, i see errors related to the use of const in custom_card, and other error that I don’t remember at the moment. The transpile feature is supposed to overcome all this problems? Because if not, it means that no old-browser will be able to run HA properly.