Lovelace/Dashboard resource moment.js question

Hello everone,

I am losing some patience here and hoping someone can help me include moment.js in my dashboard implementation. My Lovelace configuration is using mode: storage and as such, I have added moment.js as a resource using the Home Assistant UI under http://homeassistant.local:8123/config/lovelace/resources as follows:

I see it being included in DEV tools, so I know it is being picked up and included:

My quite simple implementation looks like this:

let lastchanged = Date.parse(states['sensor.washer_laundryroom_runtime'].last_changed);
let stateString = moment().format(lastchanged);
return stateString;


(specifically this section)

However, I am getting this error in DEV tools when I load the page:

caught TypeError: Cannot set properties of undefined (setting 'moment')
    at moment-with-locales.js:4:19
    at moment-with-locales.js:5:2


I have tried:
  • Adding a var moment = require('moment'); statement and that results in require not being defined

I really do not know what else to do in order to leverage the power of moment.js in my lovelace cards. Any suggestions anyone?

Thanks in advance.

See the error at the top of your screenshot? “Global” is not defined. Not sure what global should be but my guess is window. Trying googling “global” undefined loading moment. Might help.