Lovelace dashboard stops being responsive after iPhone locks/wakes up

I have created a set of mobile-phone optimized dashboards to monitor two distinct HA instances. I use cloud access through Nabu Casa, and both properties’ dashboards are accessible on my phone through two distinct “apps” pinned on the Home Screen. What these really are is a “pinned to Home Screen” version of the cloud-accessible URL to each of my instances, effectively creating a separate app for each instance. Because the iPhone runs these apps in a local context, and stores things like credentials per instance, it allows me to access each HA instance separately on my phone, without having to use the native HA app and switch profile, super useful and handy!

However, when using these web-apps on the iPhone, when the phone locks and gets waken-up again, or if the app is left too long in the background, it appears that Lovelace’s javascript stops processing. My custom CSS code (cardmod) stops rendering, and the UI becomes essentially unresponsive. I have to close the app instance and run it again to establish a live connection with the server that’s responsive again.

Is there a way around this to keep or restore the connection with the HA server so that dashboards stay “alive” when the web app is back in the foreground? This issue is non-critical in itself but forces me to always have to close the app and start it again to have a responsive dashboard interface.

Thanks in advance for any ideas/insights, I looked around and didn’t see anything that seemed to relate to this type of issue.

Have you tried to go into your users settings and set the Automatically Close Connection to off?


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So far so good, definitely seems to either keep the connection or force a full refresh whenever the app is put back in the foreground. Thanks for the response, this was a bit of a “duh” moment on my end, but I had never seen that option. Thanks!

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No sweat, there’s a lot to HA so it’s easy to miss.

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