Lovelace Device Tracker on the top

Is there a way to put the device trackers on top of all the cards as a bubble sensor. I can’t figure out how to do this with Lovelace as I can only get the entities to show up in cards. I had my devices setup to show up if someone arrives at my house and disappear if they leave but struggling to get the same thing in lovelace.

I don’t think Lovelace has the same idea of sensor badges. You could accomplish a similar idea by setting a card to be displayed as a panel (I think that’s right). It sets the card to be full width, so if you had it as the first card, it would be at the top, and full screen width.

I can now confirm that I was almost right, and this works reasonably well. This is the start of one of my views

  - title: What's On
    panel: true
    icon: mdi:alarm-bell
    id: whats_on
      - type: glance
        title: devices
          - device_tracker.b072bf3f0f0b
          - device_tracker.etarapyr_dreamqltecan

The panel: true line force the UI to render the first card full width. It doesn’t render the device trackers as bubbles, and they aren’t centered. It will render them 5 across, and using the icon or image you specified.

One caveat to this: at the moment, it looks as if the panel:true will break custom cards (at least, the very useful monster-card)

Ok that is kind of what I thought but I wanted to make sure there was nothing I was missing. I can probably just deal with having it in a card for now in hopes that maybe there will be an update to doing this in the future. I hate having it span all the way across for only 5 images as it takes up too much space.

Thanks for the help though.

If you want the bubbles at the top like the old UI used you can use badge call and list the entities you want in them above the cards callout

`- title: example
   icon: mdi:icon
     - device_tracker.xxxx
     - type: entities`

@gtjokester is correct. I am the UI editing for Lovelace. But from there, I click on the 3 vertical dots to edit UI. Then click the 3 vertical dots again and click option for Raw Config Editor. Within that you can edit to have a section for badges.

here is screenshot of mine: