Lovelace doesn't load local images

I’m trying to add local image icons to the Lovelace views but Lovelace refuses to show them. I’m using ui-lovelace.yaml and HomeAssistant 0.92.2.

I’ve created a folder named www in the home assistant config directory and rebooted. I’m able to surf to the images using my browser with the url so HomeAssistant have acknowledged that the images exist.

I’ve tried different image names and also tried to place the image files both directly under www and in subfolders, but the result is always the same. I’m able to browse to the images, but Lovelace doesn’t show them.

The images I try to use are images from, and If I e.g. use icon: mdi:flower Lovelace loads the icon, but if I download the same image and try to use it locally with /local/flower.png there’s just a blank space instead.

This is a sample extract from my ui-lovelace.yaml file where I try to load the image located at www/icons/my_icon.png:

title: My Home Assistant
  - title: My View
    icon: /local/icons/my_icon.png
    path: my_view

What am I doing wrong and is there anyway to debug where Lovelace tries to look for the images or why they doesn’t load?

Views don’t accept images, only icons built into home assistant. I.E. What you are trying to do is not possible with views. You may be able to do this with a custom card that modifies the top row.

But I doubt that this custom card has the capabilities.