Lovelace Entities Card: attributes and sorting

I have some sensors with a date as value. Each sensor has two attributes. A display text and the number of days until the date. I want to display the display text attribute on the entities card instead of the date and sort the sensors by date in ascending order.

I think it would be very useful in many cases to add these two functions to the entites card.
Sorting should be possible by value or by an attribute.
For the display text I use a template sensor at the moment but the problem with the sorting I could not solve without custom_card yet.


Hi Robin,
looks cool and I would like to do something simmilar.
As I am a newbie with HA, may I ask you for the snip how you entered it into your configuration.yaml?
Thank you

I use the following component:
You have to check if your district also uses

I’m looking for the same. Did you ever solve this? Could you also share the templare sensor you made to incl the # days? At least I can make a conditional card that always starts showing the container that is due next

Unfortunately not, but I made a suggestion in the custom-cards repository:
i create the display text with days in my custom_component and use the template sensor only to display the attribute. But it would also be possible directly with a template sensor