Lovelace entities out of cards


Seems like I read all that I could understand, but can not find what I need.
Here is old UI

And here is lovelace

How can I do a similar thing with device tracker? I just feel bad about this look and that all cards look mixed (because new card is in)

Maybe it is possible to have a “header” card, which would be at the top, and other card would be below?


To use the badges like in the old version, you need to use “badges” instead of “cards” and put it at the top of the views section.

This is how mine is set up, and the badge shows up like it’s supposed to. I only use badges on the home page to show when new updates are available.

  - title: Home
    id: home
    icon: mdi:home
      - updater.updater
      - type: entities


Thank you, it totally worked. And, maybe you know, can I do this with lovelace?


I even would like to play with home and not home (grey color - out, blue - at home)

How can I make that? I tried to use css file with code from here, and then I placed url to ui-lovelace but it did not do anything. Need an advice.

Here is my css:

label-badge-background-color: #ffff00
label-badge-text-color: #ffff00
label-badge-red: #ffff00
label-badge-blue: #ffff00
label-badge-green: #ffff00
label-badge-yellow: #ffff00
label-badge-grey: #ffff00


That’s a pretty cool idea but I haven’t explored it so I’m not too sure how you’d go about doing that, sorry


Not sure how right is it, I made a theme with one and only line

label-badge-red: '#0fa0f3'

And it works


Now I still want to make grey and blue one when I am out of home or at home. I know it can be done, but not sure how to. Seems like templates can help here, but I do not really know how to make it work. Any advice?