Lovelace - Entity-Filter - invert condition


As part of my migration to the new Lovelace UI I’d like to show all people ‘not at home’
When I say ‘not at home’ it could be anywhere given that I use Google geo-location to set the street address of the person in question

Is there any way to do that currently ?


As I understand it, you cannot make this a condition in lovelace directly my only convoluted solution would be to create a 2nd sensor for each device you want to use track and define a secondary ‘not_home’ condition for them that is simply the result of the the device being anywhere else, i.e. not ‘home’.

I’ve been using the monster-card for additional filtering, pretty easy to use.

Thanks for that, I couldn’t find a suitable filter in the monster card, do you maybe have an example ?

Thanks a lot

Sound a bit hacky to me and hard to maintain, I’d prefer a straight-forward solution
Thanks for the offer though

Group your devices. That way this specific group will have only 2 readings: home and away

I already have it set:


  control: hidden
    - device_tracker.google_maps_******
    - device_tracker.google_maps_******

give it time, not_state conditions have been planned for entity-filter for quite some time. It might even be in there already. I haven’t seen the docs for .76.

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