Lovelace error

I keep running in to “TypeError: e is null” and the page will not load the config works with the first config but when adding the seccond the error presents its self:

  • title: Loft
    id: loft
    • type: entities
      title: Server1 PSU1.
      • entity: sensor.server1_psu1_amps_current
        name: Amps
      • entity: sensor.server1_psu1_kwh_today
        name: kWh Today
      • entity: sensor.server1_psu1_kwh_yesterday
        name: kWh Yesterday
      • entity: switch.server1psu1
        name: Power
    • type: entities
      title: Server1 Psu2
      • entity: sensor.server1_Psu2_amps_current
        name: Amps2
      • entity: sensor.server1_Psu2_kwh_today
        name: kWh Today2
      • entity: sensor.server1_Psu2_kwh_yesterday
        name: kWh Yesterday2
      • entity: switch.server1Psu2
        name: Power2

Maybe the capitalization of the second card entity names? try for good measure

Yeah that was it… Derp

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