Lovelace Fan Control Entity Row Error

I’ve installed using HACS

I have the Lovelace UI Resources Set exactly where the JS file is located

But i still get this error

My Card Config

  - entity: switch.sonoff_10003085bd
  - entity: light.sonoff_1000994e05_1
  - entity: fan.sonoff_1000994e05
    type: 'custom:fan-control-entity-row'
show_header_toggle: true
title: Office
type: entities

Change your resource url to:

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Yes, from the installation instructions at the link you posted above:

…making sure you note the “url:” section for the resources addition.

and it says in the pop-up in HACS when you install the card:

… When installed, this will be located in '/config/www/community/fan-control-entity-row'

When you add this to your lovelace configuration use this

url: /hacsfiles/fan-control-entity-row/fan-control-entity-row.js
type: module

So the info was all there.

Do you even need to manually add the resources anymore? When I add a custom card from the HACS, the resource shows up automatically. All i need to do is reopen the browser and there it is.

Here’s the auto populated resource on my end:
Screen Shot 2020-08-08 at 11.19.17 AM

I don’t think you do if you use lovelace in storage mode. I don’t so I can’t completely verify that.

But the above instructions will still work, I believe, in either mode.