Lovelace + Floorplan

Hello All,

I have tried Petar’s directions to get the floorplan into my lovelace. I created a www file in the config folder and within it, floorplan, example, and simple folders and put the files in the right places. I added lovelace: mode: yaml to my configuration.yaml, created a ui-lovelace.yaml file in the config folder.

I cant even get the simple svg to appear. I tried doing it without adding all of the entities, hoping of I could get the svg to appear, then I could build from there. Do I need to add all the entities for the whole floorplan to appear, or is that just if I want to see the animations? Do I have to add it as a view?

I had floorplan working 8mo ago before lovelace became the default, but my sd card got corrupted. I still have the svg with the entities added. How can I easily get this onto a view or something on the lovelace screen? Am I missing any important steps? Do I have to “install” floorplan?

Thanks in advance

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I got the floorplan into home assistant using Dr ZZs video on the old HA method. I can change states of entities / colors of things in the css file. I can control a couple lights by pressing a lamp icon in the floorplan. Once complete, can this be migrated to the lovelace style? I am using a panel, I think…