Lovelace freezes after adding motioneye entity card


I’ve HAOS installed on rbp3+ and I’m running the latest version of core+supervisor as of writing this.

Lovelace freezes in many areas. for example, I installed Motioneye and add a network camera (esp32-cam with default Arduino Camserver sketch) and then tried adding an entity picture with the streaming URL. once it’s added it shows a few frames then immediately the browser freezes, and nothing can be done. refreshing the page won’t help. I’m using firefox 89

interesting thing is that if I add the esp-32 stream directly (with Picture card) without Motioneye the problem doesn’t happen and the image is streamed without any errors or freezes. so I think it must be either a Motioneye bug or a “Picture Entity” (not Picture Card) bug in displaying the images on the dashboard

Is browser freezing or HA UI freezing/slow loading.

I’m thinking UI slow

Motioneye use ffmpeg which is resource hungry. Maybe it’s just too much. In past I put my cameras in picture card on RasPi and live view was useless. UI was also slow when compared to x86 synology I moved to

I would normally try looking at cpu/memory when this occur and watch for low resources at those times and maybe see if already running at it limit.
I don’t know how do this for HAOS but that’s a good place to start. If out of memory or cpu maxed out a browser refresh would not change this and would look like browser having issue when server is effectively momentarily down due to HA process restart. This may show up in some log file also.

I truely do not know much about this but that sounds like good theory at least :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Lower frame rate or lower resolution from camera into motioneye may help or change results and help identify cause

Hi, thanks for the tips but I believe it’s not the FFmpeg because in the Motioneye UI itself there are no freezes and it works smoothly even at 30fps.

the freeze only happens in the Lovelace UI dashboard and because of that, I don’t know how to debug this but I have a strong hunch that it’s a bug in the Card component.

the freeze causes the browser tab to freeze as well. I’m thinking some javascript code is causing that but i have no experience in this kind of webpage debugging.

Dev tools of browser may show some useful details