Lovelace - gauge within picture elements card


Have been experimenting with lovelace and made some really great picture element cards for my heating system. I have made a picture element card for each room with thermostat and lighting but I am now trying to make a picture element for my boiler. I have an ebusd bridge so can get all sorts of data from my boiler controller such as flow and return temperatures, water pressure, pump status etc. I have created a picture element but would like to display the water pressure and a few other stats as gauges within the picture element if at all possible. I have attached a very rough early version or the card, a work in progress and I will make sure I do an update with the finished card when I am done.

Having looked at all the documentation a gauge only seems to be available as a seperate card. Is there a way to display a gauge as an element within a picture element card?



I use the custom gauge here: Lovelace: Gauge card

Works great as a picture elements in lovelace:


  - url: /local/custom-lovelace/gauge-card/gauge-card.js?v=2.0.3
    type: module


    - type: custom:gauge-card
      title: Luftkvalitet
      name: Luftkvalitet
      entity: sensor.airquality_iaq_estimate
      scale: 30px
      min: 0
      max: 500
        red: 300
        green: 0
        amber: 150
        top: 73.4%
        left: 60.2%
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I’m reviving this thread because I have the exact same question.
The gauge map has been integrated into Home assistant but I can’t include it in a picture elements map
Do you have a solution ?

GitHub - radimkeseg/lovelace-mini-gauge-card: A custom Lovelace UI of a mini meter gauge usable in standard cards or picture-element cards. work but there aren’t many options, you can’t hide the title for example, too bad, I keep looking.