Lovelace: Github Flexi Card

Hey guys, wanted to share with you my latest card showing stuff from github integration. I know that there were (at least 2) other cards/entity-rows already (doing more or less the same) but I wanted to have something what is more customizable and has few additional features.

It can be used to track your own projects but as well the ones which you are interested in.


  • Working as a card but as well can be used as entity (e.g. in entities card)
  • Fully customizable - you can display any attribute wherever you want: as a text (e.g. in secondary info) or together with icon on the right side. You can set custom icons, texts can contain keywords (attribute names) which will be replaced with attribute values e.g.
    name: "Project {name}"
    secondary_info: "Latest release: {latest_release_tag}"
  • Compact view - stats shown with smaller icons and font (there is a way to turn on bigger icons/values)
  • Sorting by attribute values
  • Probably few more which I’ve forgotten :wink:

I hope you will like it!

Note: It is not available on HACS yet (hopefully it will be there in few days - awaiting for the approval now) so if you want to try it out please add my repo to the custom repos list.


FYI: Available at HACS/default finally. :slight_smile:

FYI I have just published a new version of the card which works with HA >= 2022.02.

With the most recent HA release Github integration was changed/rewritten. Now we have couple entities related to single repo. Something what we could find earlier as an attribute now has a separate entity. So the v1 version wasn’t working at all.

I recommend to enable all the diagnostic entities for your device (repo):

There were some breaking changes in the card configuration so when you install v2 I suggest to just delete your entire configuration for this card. It should just work. Please check the documentation if you want to tweak something.


New Github integration only alows you to add repos which you have starred (it is not listing your own ones).
I have created a feature request to change it - if you are interested please consider leaving a vote:
Github integration (HA >= 2020.2): owned repos on the repo picker list