Lovelace glance card light button

Hi to all,
very new to lovelace and still trying to gather all the information, I was able to made a glance card to show buttons with toggles to turn on my lights, i´m using some milights (limitless) and they can be dimerized and change collors, so I would like to made the same button to when I hold for few seconds its shows me the dimmer/brightness/collor options, is there anything like this around?


What version of home assistant are you using? I think that this feature was added in the latest.

Hi I just upgraded last night, do I need to put anything different in my lovelace config?

Currently, there is no option to press and hold for a different action. By default when you press the button, you get the more info pop up. You can also set it up as a toggle using the variable tap_action.

Hi thanks very much, so I would need to make two buttons, one for toggle and one for info?

You could do that. Hopefully the add this option on future updates. I would also like to use it.

tks very much for your support

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