Lovelace - Hide top header

Does anyone know if it is possible to hide the top header in lovelace?

I would love to free up some space for more buttons and such on the iPhones/iPad that will be using it.

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Anyone know if this is possible??

This has been discussed somewhere else in the forums, i’m pasted a link to the discussion that should be of help.

I’ll be incorporating this into my lovelace ui soon also.

Excellent! thanks for pointing this out

Do you happen to know if its possible to hide the bottom panel as well?

That bottom panel makes all your themes look bad because it never matches your scheme! I never thought about removing it until you brought it up. I like this idea.

Sorry I’m not sure if you can do that, I believe this may be part of the iOS interface. Unless you’re using specific features that are part of the iOS app you could just save the webpage to your home screen from safari and then that will give you full screen access.

not sure, but maybe this helps you