Lovelace horizontal-stack (again)

I know (now) that a horizontal-stack will ‘stack’ cards horizontally before displaying them in one column which means that a horizontal-stack of three cards means they are all one third in width.

Is there any way to force the order that the cards appear across the screen without changing their width?

Try panel: true

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That just seems to take the first entity and stretch it across the page and then ignores other cards.

They will display in the order you stack them under the horizontal-stack cards. I use vertical-stack to dictate their order on the screen. I am about to dump a shit load of ui-Lovelace config into my repo if you would like an example.

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Not if your first card is a horizontal stack… then it does what you want.

I had the same problem with my sonarr/radar/other cards… had a horizontal stack and I got a thin column in the middle of the screen with the 3 cards being 1/3 each. Using the panel and horizontal stack got me what I needed.

  - title: TV & Movies
    icon: mdi:kodi
    panel: true
      - type: horizontal-stack

yep try panel: true

Sorry to bring such an old thread to life.

If you set “panel: true” then the badges are not shown. Is there a way to achieve the same but keeping the badges?


I’m not using panel: true anymore and not using a horizontal stack…