Lovelace: How to delay 5 sec before disappearing entity (entity filter or monster card)?

Just getting into Lovelace and finding it to be very awesome. I’ve got some cards that I’m using to conditionally show things, such as:

  • who is currently home
  • which lights are on (with a toggle switch to turn them off
  • what zones are active
  • what media is playing

When the answer to any of those questions is “nothing” then the card is empty (or disappears).

Here’s my question: I’d like to be able to introduce a small delay before the item/entity is removed from the card. Maybe something like
filter_delay: 00:00:05 or some such, to introduce a 5 second delay before something is removed.

This would attempt to fix the following scenario: I toggle a light (off) and then it is removed from my “Currently ON” card, but I immediately realize I turned off the wrong light… well, too bad, so sad because it’s gone! A 5 second (or whatever) delay would be pretty sweet, but I haven’t found a way to do it.

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