Lovelace: how to start?

I want to start my own lovelace-lay-out.
I added the requested lines to my configuration.yaml

  mode: yaml

And (after some tries of more creative work) copypasted the very simple example of the lovelace tutorial in my lovelace.yaml

title: My Awesome Home
    # View tab title.
  - title: Example
        # The markdown card will render markdown text.
      - type: markdown
        title: Lovelace
        content: >
          Welcome to your **Lovelace UI**.

In the overview screen, I try to set Configure UI, but I get a pop up window

hassio.local:8123 says

Saving failed: not supported.

What goes wrong?

I could be wrong but I think if you enable yaml mode you can’t edit the code through the UI anymore.

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If you want to edit through the UI, remove the yaml configuration & then restart HA.

Select the top right menu to configure the UI.

If you then go to the top tight menu again, you can edit the raw configuration, using yaml just like the example.

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