Lovelace in side_panel?

Not yet ready for the full switch to Lovelace, i’ve tried to link to the Lovelace-interface (and avoid the continuous typing in the address-bar) in a side panel iframe.

  title: Home-assistant Lovelace
  icon: mdi:home-heart
  url: !secret lovelace_url 

of course this happens:

can it be done at all? No instructions or clues on as far as I can find them

You could wait for 0.73.1 and just set lovelace as default. If you still want to visit other interface just type /states.
You can’t use panel to embed Lovelace, but you could add a

thank you, don’t want to set as default yet, too many things to explore… l-)
weblink will do for now thank you!

any advice how to use the Tiles cards in Lovelace please, that would help enormoulsy for now.

I never used Tiles card, but I think the owner is going to migrate the component to a Lovelace friendly one in the near future.

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thank you @ciotlosm

ill wait for that for sure.

btw, I now have a weblink which is functional to Lovelace, but it opens a new browser window…

  - name: Lovelace
    icon: mdi:home-heart
    url: !secret lovelace_url

Im sure we can create a link to show inside the current window, but am not sure how to do that . Could you help with that please,

I don’t think it’s possible to choose the target. I can only recommend you try out Lovelace and you’ll see that you’d end up with a full migration earlier than expected.

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lol, busy as we type…migrating what can be done already.

can’t wait for Tiles and custom-ui to be Lovelace compatible.

I’ve got Lovelace set as the default, and get the same issue as if launching from the panel.

How are you accessing lovelace? I assume from dev-info and then by navigating to “/”. Make sure you don’t have any more the hack enabled, and you’re not using panel or panel_iframe in configuration.yaml.

I was using the panel in HA 0.72 - which was working.
Since updating to 0.73, I can either go direct to the URL http://hassio-url/lovelace or turn on the use lovelace as default and go to _http://hassio-url/ and both do the same as the OP’s screenshot

It’s no bother at the mo, as I just tinker with HA … for now.

Had another play last night and got it working.

Not sure which one thing worked, but I removed anything Lovelace related, updated to 0.73.1, fixed a massively bloated db and removed all automations (not that they really did anything).

How to set as default?

On the Dev-Info panel (the ? at the bottom on the left) there’s some text with >>> <<<< surrounding the link and describes clicking this will set the lovelace IU as default - for the device you’re on I belive.


what the OP is suggesting would be cool. Not for iframe but for dashboard devices so we don’t have all the menus. Some way to hide/disable the menu and title in a given view.

so were on 82.1 and this still isnt possible …

setting Lovelace to default is much to early yet, this functionality would definitely be a nice go-between:

I just made shortcuts to lovelace and the old interface.

Still on Old here, but have the shortcut to Lovelace.
Not in the side panel though, even with change name (Lovelace is not allowed)

btw did you know about this:


see Why does this work? friendly_name: l❤️velace