Lovelace include not working

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Hi All,

This is my first question here so if I’m wrong at something, please forgive me. :slight_smile:
I’ve tried to create a lovelace UI. The example worked, but I would like to separate views and card in a different .yaml files.

I’ve tried the following really simple example. I got an empty page.
What did I wrong?


title: redhome
  - !include lovelace_pages/home_lovelace.yaml


# View tab title.
- icon: mdi:home-assistant
  # Unique id for direct access /lovelace/${id}. If you don't specify one, it is added automatically.
  id: home
    - type: markdown
      title: Lovelace
      content: >
        Welcome to your **Lovelace UI**.

I have a lovelace_pages folder in the root of the homeassistant folder.


What version are you on? The option was taken away and later brought back. Check the changlelog on the Lovelace page for details.


Version is quite recent: 0.82.0


hi did you get this working?


No, but so many changes were, so I need to rethink this whole stuff :slight_smile: