Lovelace indicator

Hi at all,

I’am comming from FHEM and are new in using Home Assistant.
I have a Power sensor and like to add an indikator to Lovelace thats is black or green if the power consumption is lower than 2 W or red if it the consumption in higher.

I think it will be pretty easy but I think I see don’t the forest because of to much trees.
Is ther someone who can help me.

Thanks for it.

Something like this maybe?


This is based on the gauge card:

OK, thanks.
But I just like to have an simple indikator (like a colored dot).
Lable: Waschingmachine
Red dot if washingmachine is working (more than 2W)
Other colored dot (less then 2 W).

Must fulfill the wife accaptance factor.

Have made it working with Node-Red and a real LED over WIFI, but have no idea how to make it work on Lovelace. May be there is a way back from Node-Red.