Lovelace is not available since I updated to ha os 9.5

Today I updated ha os to 9.5, since then the lovalce is not available.
The apartment is not working and lovelace is not available at http://homeassistant.local:8123/, or nabu casa connect.
The observer is available, the cli loads and file sharing also works for

I just had the same thing happen after the OS 9.5 update. I managed to get things working again after running the CLI command:

ha core rebuild

Hope that helps?


Yes and no.
My original system didn’t respond to it.
I reinstalled, updated to 9.5 and it crashed again. Rebuild helped here. Thanks!

my VM crashed during the update leeching literally all of CPU power from the host (99%) starving all other VMs including the host… never had such a thing before, not even with a just for fun VM running a CPU miner…

took about 15 minutes to shut down a a small, simple and very old mysql db server (nothing to do with HA) and about 2 hours to shut down all the other VMs

after that I did a hard kill to the HA VM and it started up right fine including update and such.

It gave a Hex Code in the command line, while it was sucking up all the CPU power. unfortunatly i didnt take a screen shot.

edit: was at 2.9something as time code while coming up.

My home assisten also dosnt start after update to 9.5 and has high cpu usage. It reboots back in fall back mode. I tried to use the
ha core rebuild but it says Cannot connect to the Docker daemon at unix:///var/run/docker.sock. Is the docker daemon running?

I would realy prefer not to make a new VM with HA…

Started docker with systemctl start docker but now Error no such container: hassio_cli

I shutdown all my VM on my server, made a reboot of my server and startet home assistant. After it first booted to fallback mode, I rebooted and selected spot A. For some reason it works again.

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