Lovelace light card w/ one color wheel for multiple lights?

Hey everyone—

Long time HA user, first time posting… so please be easy!

Right now, my current dashboards have multiple color wheels that take up way too much real estate on my wall mounted monitors. I’d like to clean that up a bit and consolidate these cards into one single RGBW color wheel. I’m envisioning a drop down menu where I can select the light(s) or light groups (all within the same card), and select a color for it from one single, unifying color wheel.

Here’s what my current light view looks like, it’s bad: Death by color wheel - Album on Imgur

I’ve tried some ideas with conditional cards, but find it clunky and slow when using them on wall mounted devices. Not practical for my use case, but great for my phone!

Has anyone came up with something similar that’s rather easy to implement? I don’t have a lot of free time these days to spend hours on end configuring unfortunately. Looking for a turnkey solution (which I’m figuring might not be possible). I’ve slowed down on following all the new release updates, so I’m really hoping this is a new feature!


put the lights into a group