Lovelace: Location Tracker card (experiment)

Content Edited in protest for the bad direction of the Home-Asisstant project.

This project has now been archived.


The only challenge at the moment is updating the Geolocation on the background. It seems PWA have not reached there yet, but still exploring options. Ideas are well welcomed :slight_smile: See caveats on Github.

Looks nice, but please consider adding HACS support.

Hi Jakub,

Thanks a lot for the feedback. I agree with you that HACS support should be there.

At the moment, I see this more of an experiment as we cannot really update geolocation on the background and only when someone accesses the interface. As such, I am not sure if it’s the right moment for adding HACS support.

This being said, the repository is open for anyone who wants to change the code and add such support :slight_smile:

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I am archiving this component (marking as private). This is a small protest against not having a YAML (or equivalent non-UI configuration) support mode for integrations (reference).

This was just an experiment, but if this affecting you in any way, let me know.