Lovelace losing connection

I have lovelace setup and running on a fully browser (kiosk mode) on a kindle on my wall. However, it seems after a certain amount of time it will lose connection and the alarm card won’t work, dark sky card doesn’t update, etc. Usually if i push buttons for a while it will reconnect and everything will end up working.

Any idea on a setting i could be missing or maybe if it is a known problem that i should reach out to Fully about? I previously had fully running actiontiles linked to smartthings and had no issues.

I have the same setup and yes it looses connection, but it should reconnect as soon as you turn on the screen. I know mine does. It takes a few seconds for it to load completely, but usually it’s not a problem as I have my alarm not trigger immediately if entering through the door. Windows and such triggers immediately though as I usually doesn’t use the windows to enter my own house :wink:

thanks. I had auto reconnect upon wake as false so I had to hit the right part of the screen for it to reconnect. once I turn autoreconnect on, it takes a few seconds like you say but gets me back where I need to be.