Lovelace Map card refresh


I am using the Map card with great success. However, with my current zoom level, if the entity is moving/driving, it doesn’t refresh after the initial load and the entity is no longer on the map. Is there a way to refresh the map without reloading the whole page?

I use an Android tablet with Fully Kiosk Browser, and as a workaround, I have the page reload every two minutes. That’s distracting, though, because the load screen is bright white and blue, while my normal GUI is a dark mode theme. It’s also a problem because it gives me two-minute windows to work with it.

Are you aware of any solutions that don’t require a full page refresh?

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My problem is that the map card also causes the entire Lovelace view on Android tablet to freeze after a couple of hours.
It’s completely useless like this.

As a follow-up to this, this issue is resolved. The map re-centers like it’s supposed to now. I don’t know when it changed, exactly, but it’s been correct for while now.