Lovelace: Mini Media Player

Hello guys,
I need some help with mini media player: How can I scale the logo size to the button size?
type: entities

Please please post yaml properly.

the code is above. Nothing is in the config.yaml about it.
you need to install radio browser (integration), mini media player (HACS), and you can find the details (URL and logo) of radio station in the
thats all

The purpose of the stateless volume controls is to account for media player entities that don’t provide status feedback, such as when you control an amplifier via an IR blaster. In that scenario HA has no idea what the volume is set to, hence being ‘stateless’.

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You have NOT posted your yaml correctly.

Read this How to help us help you - or How to ask a good question

Hello guys,
​I’m a bloody newbie with HA and have been struggling with the following requirement for days: I used the shortcut option to assign radio channel selection to some keys, which worked great. However, I would now like to switch to another dashboard with one of the shortcut button and I just can’t find the option to do so.
Would be great to get any info here

You set the action to navigate and then specify the navigation_url.

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But unfortunately this is not part of the supported ‘shortcut item objects’

Given you’ve only just started, I’m slightly hesitant to actually recommend this, but you could (theoretically) achieve this by installing the custom component browser-mod.

It comes with a service - browser_mod.navigate - which I think you could use with a shortcut item object set to service. I say ‘theoretically’ because I’ve not actually tried to do this myself…

Thank you, you are right, as I didn’t find any possibility directly from the mini player I started testing with the browser-mod yesterday. But there is the challenge only to change the dashboard at the respective device in use instead of every ones. I’m struggling to hand over the browser ID from the front end to the script at the back end.
Simple task - tedious way :wink:

Is it not possible for you to use the THIS value for the current browser as described here?

Again, I’ve not actually tried any of this myself.

I’ve done some searching and not sure if what I want is possible. I’ve got a dashboard of Roon endpoints that is all at the same height and has a toggle for grouping endpoints on/off. It’s working perfectly, however when the endpoint is Off (which some can be) the mini-media-player is switching to a smaller “no music” type view, which messes with my OCD. Is there a way to make the mini-media-player a fixed height irrespective of whether it’s playing media?

Note, if the endpoint has no music queued but is still on, it looks more normal.

Is there a reason to turn the endpoint off?

It’s an integrated streamer/amp. So yes, I turn the amp off and the endpoint is “off” (but still contactable on the network).
Leaving an 80W amp with an LCD screen on all the time doesn’t seem ideal.

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Share your config.

Have you tried the idle object options?

I haven’t tried idle object options because it looks fine while idle (and even while unavailable). It’s only while it’s actually off that the media player “shrinks”.

Code is below. I’ve tried the height: 65px inside the media player card with no success.

type: custom:stack-in-card
mode: vertical
  style: |
    ha-card {
      background-color: red
  - type: custom:layout-card
    layout_type: custom:grid-layout
      grid-template-columns: 85% 15%
      - type: custom:mini-media-player
        entity: media_player.lounge
        info: short
        artwork: material
        scale: 0.8
          volume: true
          icon: true
          power: true
          progress: true
      - type: custom:button-card
        entity: input_boolean.lounge_grouped
        show_name: false
        show_state: false
        size: 100%
            - height: 65px
          - icon: mdi:toggle-switch
            color: '#2471A3'
            value: 'on'
          - icon: mdi:toggle-switch-off
            color: '#D5D8DC'
            value: 'off'

When the card is displaying at full height (while on) it looks like this.

Please read the docs and try them. Look at when_standby.

I’ve just tried both, with no change to behaviour.

when_standby: true
when_idle: true