Lovelace: Mini Media Player


I’m very happy with the volume_stateless option, which I just noticed.
Is is perhaps possible to make the volume steps configurable? I see a single step is now a 10%
volume increase/decrease.

Thanks :slight_smile:


I just discovered the mini-media-player and well… well done. Now for us amateurs that use Amazon stuff (firesticks and echos), is there a way to get an “idle_view” for our devices that don’t go “idle” but go “standby”? Or is there a way and I’m just oblivious to it.


Unfortunately no, the media_player.volume_up service has no such options, “step count” is handled on a component basis.
We discussed it a lot here:
And I believe @gerard33 even got the devs to change the step count in the sonos component to 0.02.

Thanks, I’m not familiar with amazon devices, do they report the state standby instead of idle when they become idle/standby?


Yes they do, the exact syntax (I will copy-n-paste) is: Standby


Perfect, just checked the source, should an an easy addition.
I opened an issue on github where you can track the progress.


A true gentleman and scholar…


Is it possible to change the color of the power button when it is on and off?
Mine just stay “black”?


Yes, see config below.

# Power button accent-color when device is powered on
- type: custom:mini-media-player
  entity: media_player.example
    power_state: false



Arh yes - I saw that in the documentation, but I was unsure what it really did.

Thanks will give it a shot.


I tried adding the example, but the color remains? What am I doing wrong?

EDIT: Rebooted Hassio and now it works! Thanks


Hi again,

Have anyone else experienced that the Playlist buttons are missing after the latest Hassio 0.87.0 update?


I just tried on Home Assistant 0.87.0 and they work fine here.
Did you update your card configurations since updating to v1.0.0 of the card? v1.0.0 came with some breaking changes.

See Card with media shortcuts example


I don’t know what’s happening with my system today :thinking:
3rd reboot and the buttons were back.
I do run the latest one as weel :smile:.

Once again, thanks!

Edit: I was too fast. It seems to only be showing when using ariela app on my android device.
As soon as I launch my Chrome Browser (ikognito) the buttons are gone.

Once again the whole host has been restated and running latest card 1.0.0 updated through custom_updater


I love this but for some reason when I play a movie via kodi, it shows s1 e1 as if it was a tv programme. Am I missing something please?

Also I cannot remove the power button. I have installed the latest version

entity: media_player.kodi
power: false
info: true
show_progress: true
artwork: true
source: true
type: 'custom:mini-media-player'



The only reason it would show season and episode would be if the Kodi entity has those attributes set, which is strange if it’s a movie.

Some of the options/parameters you got in your config are invalid, check the readme for available options.

  #hide power button example
    power: true


Thanks. Yeah I am still playing with options. The main player with Lovelace doesn’t have the S1 S2 displayed from the same source


Okay, strange, the default card might also check media type before rendering media information, I can’t check the source right now,.
It would be great if you could check the entity attributes and post them next time you have this issue.



  "volume_level": 1,
  "is_volume_muted": false,
  "media_content_id": {
    "imdb": "tt1179933"
  "media_content_type": "movie",
  "media_duration": 6214,
  "media_position": 0,
  "media_position_updated_at": "2019-02-09T07:13:12.547825+00:00",
  "media_title": "10 Cloverfield Lane",
  "media_album_name": "",
  "media_series_title": "",
  "media_season": -1,
  "media_episode": -1,
  "friendly_name": "Kodi",
  "entity_picture": "/api/media_player_proxy/media_player.kodi?token=2c8a255d&cache=b75e5ea",
  "supported_features": 54847


Is there a way to honour the icon color changes in the mini media player? When I just put the media_player’s as entities the icon colors do change depending on state as i am using custom ui. But not the ones in mini media player.


Got the same issue here :wink: … It’s always showing the ‘S1 - E1’ text even though kodi clearly has the right media content type being passed.