Lovelace: Mini Media Player

@kalkih what do you think about a implementation of a specific remote control button?
I mean it would be a little bit more quadratic.

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Nice setup!

I could probably add a few more column parameters (5 & 6)?, so you could fit more buttons per row and make it more squared, or did you have anything else in mind?

I’m probably going to make service calls possible directly from shortcuts, should make certain setups easier.

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The idea about the colums is good. My idea is the setup of the button height in percent, for example: if the basic setup is the 100% then 150%, 175%, 200% and so on. It would be more fexible.

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Okay, yeah that would work as well I suppose!

If you have time, please open an issue over at github.

Maybe I have missed something in one of the new releases, but since a few weeks the buttons of the player aren’t disappearing when the media player is turned off.

The buttons disappear when choosing the Lovelace refresh option. Any ideas how to solve this?


The config is:

  hide_when_off: true
  columns: 4
    - icon: mdi:numeric-1-box
      # name: NPO1
      type: tvshow
      id: Num1

Strange, I’ll look into it, what version of HA are you on?

I am on 0.94.1, but it happened on 0.93 as well (maybe even 0.92).
Thanks for looking into this.

I am on 94.1 at this time. Have never seen this problem on any release, including those you mention. Browser cache problem maybe?

@gerard33 Found the issue, thanks!

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Thank you! That’s a really quick fix :grinning:

Might take a few days until it’s in a release though :wink:

There is no hurry. I am happy to see I didn’t configure something wrong :smile:

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Release v1.2.0


  • Added support for service calls through shortcuts (#121)

  • Added column height option to shortcuts object (#129)

  • Added the option parameter 5 to shortcuts column option

  • Added documentation for use with HACS


  • Changed button component


  • Fixed runtime misplacement (#119)

  • Fixed shortcuts not hiding properly

  • Fixed controls not hiding propertly if config changed in runtime

  • Fixed repeat popup-card issue (#122) (@iantrich)

I’ve also submitted a PR to have the card included in HACS, so should be in there soon hopefully.


So does this mean I should remove your repo as a custom repo in the HACS settings now? (and for mini-graph-card a s well?)

Not yet, the PR hasn’t been merged yet, and after it’s merged we also have to wait for the next HACS release before it will show up in the store.

And yeah, the same goes for mini-graph-card :slightly_smiling_face:

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No need to remove anything, they will get “migrated” from custom to standard automagically after the update :wink:


Did that automagically happen to Custom-Compact-Header by any chance? I swear it did lol… Might be worth documenting that?

That is off topic here, but yes it did.
Like anything else the documentation is opensource :wink:


Thank you very much @kalkih !
The result is:


Sweet, looks awesome! :+1:

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