Lovelace minimalist room card

Im configuring a minimalist dashboard from Lovelace minimalist wiki. Using the Room card and trying to get roborock to call service ‘start cleaning’ in my ‘entity_2’ icon. I’ve been trying to get it for hours now but I always get the error message: failed to call service vacuum/start. must contain at least one of entity_id, device_id, area_id, floor_id, label_id. pasting my code here. I’m sure someone here has done at least something similar and is kind enough to help me :slight_smile:

  - type: 'custom:button-card'
     - card_room
     - red_no_state
     name: Living room
     entity: light.floor_light
     icon: mdi:sofa-outline
       action: navigate
       navigation_path: 'livingroom'
       label_use_temperature: false
       label_use_brightness: true
         entity_id: light.floor_light
           - yellow_on
           action: toggle
**          entity_id: vacuum.roborock_q7_max**
**          templates:**
**            - blue_on**
**          tap_action:**
**            action: call-service**
**            service: vacuum.start**
**            entity_id: vacuum.roborock_q7_max**

Is that the service you normally use, vacuum.start? I use the roborock integration in HACS, all my service calls start with roborock.

I went through even more today and found the solution. what I was missing was ‘service_data:’

I appreciate the question. I’m very new to Home assistant and this was my first post! :slight_smile:

Have a continuous good evening/night!

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