Lovelace on iOS 9.3.5 (iPad spring 2012) help requested

Hi I need some help, I have an older iPad which is eating dust at the moment and I have worked quite some time to set up a beautiful lovelace interface. The problem that I face now is that my iPad can’t load the custom cards (I have tried setting javascript to latest, but if I use that I won’t even come at the login screen).

Is there any way to load these lovelace cards for older devices that use es5? I imagine it is not possible at all, but if there would be any way (even if it was a bit hacky).

I’d rather not rebuild it with states UI or use a less suited for my situation solution like HAdashboard or Tileboard (my lovelace setup is built with tablets in mind)

Any help is appreciated.

Hi @jimz011,
did you manage to get at least ‘something’ on the screen?
I have same iOS 9.3.6 (IPad 2012) and it would be really nice to get this old piece at least running for the Dashboard / Lovelace.

I have few hopes though…

Anybody an idea, if I can create i.e. one specific card to show at least some basic data?


Well yes, but only core cards will work. But honestly I would get a tablet that runs at least ios 10 as the current HA app no longer supports ios 9. For this reason I have ditched my old tablets.

This post has an interesting alternative/workaround: Options for Lovelace on older iPad (ios 9.3.5)