Lovelace picture card

Hi, i’m trying to display a picture of last motion from one of my cameras.
I have created a folder where i want to store the image and whitelisted this folder in configuration.yaml.
camera.snapshot sucsessfully saves an image in that folder and i get an notification to my phone with pushbullet.
When i try to display this image in Lovelace all the fun ends.
When i tested to display an image from www folder (local/image.png) the image shows but not from the folder where i store image from camera. I have canged permission and owner for both file and folder with no luck.
What am i missing here?


I have a similar set up (not sure if the same as yours) where my
camera posts pictures in a directory and I use the camera component along with the local_file platform.
This creates a camera entity, in my case camera.local_picture.
In Lovelace, I have the following which works:

  - id: camera_local_picture
    type: picture-entity
   #title: Local Picture
    name: Local Picture
    entity: camera.local_picture
    camera_image: camera.local_picture
    show_info: true
   #tap_action: dialog
      action: more-info

Ok, thanks. I look in to that. :smiley: