Lovelace - picture-elements/state-label/attribute

We have state-label in picture-elements card which only shows the state text of an entity with optional prefix/suffix.

It would be helpful if we can show attributes of an entity, like for climate entities, maybe an option in state-label, instead of using another entity to capture the attribute value and use state-label.

If possible, can we also update state-label with state filter for color change with different states and text align style?

I would post these as different issues on github as per the Lovelace documentation.

You can use template sensors to get the attributes but I do agree it would be nice to access the attributes not just the state.

State-filter for picture-glance would be nice so I don’t have to make 2 pictures of my rooms.

Also some way to align text and do a word wrap would be awesome. I’ve tried all kinds of css to get that to happen and no luck.

check this repo out there are custom cards that does exactly what your after

Template sensors do not work for all things, e.g. to display the
remaining time of a timer.