Lovelace picture elements with conditional elements?

Lovelace picture cards are great but for covers they default to a single button that either opens or closes. This is not enough and we need the stop button too however this will create clutter. Showing the more-info dialog is also not great UX and break the whole concept of picture based control.

This brought me to the idea that what we really need is for a combo of conditional + picture elements. So internal elements could be shown based on a condition and it would really be great if it could be shown based on “internal navigation”.

Picture-elements would show a picture of the living room with no elements visible
Clicking the part of the picture that has the cover in it (by marking it with an element with a transparent GIF) will trigger a condition or an “internal navigation” to show cover up/stop/down icons on the cover.
This would be perfect use of real-estate and will enable much more interactive experiences without requiring scrolling and searching.

Today the only thing I can think of that comes close is to use custom UI to show up/stop/down in a different card and clicking the cover triggers an input_boolean that shows the other card. But it’s not within the picture-elements thus wastes space and non intuitive.