Lovelace Picture-glance card with links for PTZ presets

So I asked about this already in another thread, but since I got zero replies over the last few days I thought I’d bring it here.
What I’m looking for is similar to the picture-glance card, but instead of an entity you can turn on/off have an icon that send a URL to my PTZ camera to move to another preset.

Link to original thread:

I did it previously by using a combination of shell commands and scripts. Unfortunately I don’t have my shell_commands.yaml anymore but hopefully this can lead you in the right direction:

  1. Find out the direct URL that changes your camera’s preset, then try using the curl command from within your environment to see if it changes the preset. If that works, put that curl command in as a shell command in Home Assistant.

  2. Create a script that references that shell command. One of my scripts looked like this:

alias: ‘Living Room Preset 1’
- service: shell_command.amcrestlv_goto_preset_1

  1. The script should be selectable as an entity and you can add it into the picture-glance card

FWIW, I’ve submitted PR #22949 that adds a couple PTZ services to the amcrest component. I hope they will make the 0.93 release.