Lovelace Popup Menu UI?

Hi I’m new to Home Assistant and just getting into Lovelace UI.

I’m not sure if this is possible but I would love to be able to set up a group image in Lovelace and when tapped on expand into a radial menu I can customise, kinda like this:

This would be handy for small screens, phone and tablet displays, and general user friendly interfaces for family and friends.

It would clean up my panel display considerably and allow me to add more elements, my current display:

Wow, that panel looks awesome! How did you do this? It looks so modern and it fits so good ^^

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This gets you part way there. Your example looks very specific, however and will likely not make it into core. Looks great for a custom card, though.

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Did you intend to ask a question…?

No, I didn’t realise you posted the same link!

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