⭕ Lovelace Radial Menu Element

This element is for Lovelace on Home Assistant that provides a radial menu on click for quick/space saving access to commands. Designed for picture-elements, but can be used anywhere.


Great idea!
Thanks for sharing.

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Great job @iantrich, this is super cool :smiley:

It works great for launching Harmony remote activities. Press the remote icon and then see all your devices in a nice looking and space-saving radial menu.



There is no end to ingenuity! Thanks for contributing.

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Great card Ian, nice music btw :saxophone: :smile:

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Ian, this card is gorgeous, thanks for the good hard work! Do you think there will be a way to have the card pop up with all the selections already available? [not having to click the middle button again to see them]

Sean, this is a fantastic use case – just got it set up in my lovelace frontend, but m wondering — is there a way to template it to change the color of the icon based on which service is currently the active one?

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Open by default sounds like a good addition. I’ll look into adding that.

It does not currently support state coloring. I’ve been toying with the idea of allowing any element to be in the radial. e.g., state-icon.

Version 1.0.1 released

  • Added default_open option to show expanded radial on first load

Tested it out and it’s looking great!

Version 1.1.0 released

  • Added default_dismiss option to have radial not dismiss after item is clicked

Version 1.2.0 released

  • Added entity_picture option for items to display a picture instead of an icon

Version 1.3.0 Released

  • New option entity_picture for menu
  • Fix item’s entity_picture handling of tap_action

Love this one and just used it to set up as a TV card. It would be great though if the centre button or the radial buttons could display a state of an entity. Such as changing colour or icon if the tv is on, or having the state written in text beneath. Sort of like combining it with the custom:button-card. Like this:



Best to put feature requests against the repo, I won’t remember anything put in this thread

put feature requests against the repo

Sorry, I’m not sure what the repo is? Still new at this.

The github repository

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Here’s a few things I came up with to show some examples of the entity_picture support added yesterday. With this the possibilities are endless, you are no longer limited by what’s in the mdi: icon database, only your imagination.

Channel select:

Or an app launcher:

Or check your printer ink level sensors.

Hope these give some inspiration. Lots of cool things you can do, especially if you integrate this with your Floorplan setup, would take it to the next level.


Thank you for the great addon, really cool on picture elements card. Just one question, is it possible somehow to change how far the icons slip out from the center, as you can see in picture, they slide really far and go out of the card. Thank You.


Please open a feature request on the repository

works really good, thank you, just one issue, i got the oled theme and the icons are not show unless you point it with the mouse, and in the phone it is not visible