Lovelace raw editor - Help

Hi there

upgraded from 85.1 to 86.3

I keep hearing people mention the raw editor for lovelace. To confirm is this the file named “lovelace” in the .storage folder? Can I make changes directly in this file if I dont what to do it in the GUI?

Can someone also confirm that a ui-lovelace.yaml is no longer needed? I dont have one but my understanding is this is a legacy thing before the official release of lovelace. Should I create this .yam file this?


You should NOT edit the lovelace file directly.
This is for the UI and the RAW Editor.
If you dont want a GUI, you can use the yaml mode.

Thanks for your reply ? Please can you tell me what you mean by raw editor ? I think I am being stupid .

When your’e in LL you can edit the cards with the UI Editor. (watch the video).
There is a three dot menu at the top right where you can start the raw editor.
Here you can edit the whole .storage/lovelace file, add resources for custom-cards, and so on…

Thanks man. I’ve been doing this but didn’t realise it was called the raw editor! It doesn’t say this on the gui anywhere but makes sense now.

Thanks for your help

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The second time you click on the 3 dots it is literally called “Raw Config Editor” right there in plain text.

So it does. Thanks for reminding me i’m an idiot lol