Lovelace saturate option stopped working

          - entity: sensor.dick_status
            filter: saturate(0.2)
            image: /local/images/dick.png
              Home: saturate(1.0)
              Just Arrived: saturate(1.0)
              left: 31.6%
              top: 80%
              width: 10%
            type: image

At some point (years ago now!) the above stopped working - the image is just ALWAYS greyed out - unsaturated.

Anybody know what I need to update to get it working again?

Thank you!

type: image? saturate? That doesn’t ring any bell?
Is this some custom card or UI?

don’t think so?

eg homeassistant-config/ui-lovelace.yaml at 949a0ef28911f0bd3832e61365e5b58731915b4b · arsaboo/homeassistant-config · GitHub
eg Floorplan-Lovelace/ui-lovelace.yaml at 17fa151776419939ba370c2e7fd509e2f5f93e23 · TeNpoLe21/Floorplan-Lovelace · GitHub

Thanks. Never used this myself. For reference:

I assume you checked that “Home” and “Just Arrived” (with same capitalization) are actual states of sensor.dick_status?