Lovelace section - WTH

I know we are past the WTH thing, but I don’t get why adding a section to a lovelace card causes it to disable the visual editor.
This is my code just in case I’m doing something wrong.

  - entity: light.kitchen_ceiling_spots
    icon: 'mdi:spotlight-beam'
    name: Ceiling lights
  - entity: light.kitchen_table
    icon: 'mdi:ceiling-light'
    name: Dining table
  - entity: light.kitchen_counter
    icon: 'mdi:ceiling-light'
  - entity: light.cupboard_party
    icon: 'mdi:led-strip'
  - entity: light.cupboard_white
    icon: 'mdi:led-strip'
  - name: Other
    type: section
  - entity: group.disco_lights
  - entity: input_boolean.kitchen_motion_disable
    icon: 'hass:motion-sensor-off'
  - entity: sensor.hue_motion_kitchen_temperature
    name: Temperature
  image: local/header_kitchen.jpg
  type: picture
show_header_toggle: false
type: entities