Lovelace Sidebar CSS issues

Hi guys,

I am a new user of HA and absolutely love it. I have a 4K tv that I have set up a HA dashboard on using Lovelace with the Sidebar interface. I was surprised to see the 2 cameras in a horizontal card not filling my page up width wise so did some digging and found a div ID called “main” with a max-width of 1620 pixels. I used Chrome’s console to manually change the max-width from 1620 to 100% and the horizontal card filled the screen nicely which leads me to the question, is there some way we can customize the CSS? I have HACS and terminal installed and had a grep through all the files in /config but nothing appeared with the word 1620 in it anywhere except the db file. I’ve attached a screenshot of how it looks on my 4K tv.

Cheers, Mike