Lovelace Thermostat: Add support for target_temp_step

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In the Frontend version of the thermostat, the temperature step-size is based upon target_temp_step. If this parameter in not defined then it derives the step-size from the unit system. For Fahrenheit it uses 1 and for Celsius it’s 0.5.

In the Lovelace version of the thermostat, there’s no code for setting the roundslider’s step parameter. step is defined here and its default value is 1.

Ideally, it should configure itself like the Frontend version and use target_temp_step. If not defined, it should auto-configure itself based upon the unit system (metric=0.5, imperial=1.0).

Lovelace - thermostat card, settings for step size?

Good request. Thank you. I will look at adding that


Waiting for 0.5°C steps too…

Thanks in advance


Is there some update. I’am also waiting for the 0.5 degrees step in the locelace thermostat card


Here as well :wink:


+1 please add this


PRs are welcome :slight_smile:


Merry Christmas!!!


When will this be integrated in the HA version?
Or can I test it?


Hopefully in 0.85


And another vote from me :slight_smile:


+1, thanks!


+1 for the .5 degree


+1 for celsius 0.5 is needed


we need away mode too
and history of the temps like in the old component example:


I want one that doesn’t take up so much space. Having a 12 zone thermostat with such a giant card takes up way too much space… Can we get a compact mode that flattens the circle into a little arc?


Sounds like a job for a custom card, or you can check out simple-thermostat


Ah didn’t know about that, that’s a nice option for now, thanks!