Lovelace Thermostat looks weird with dark theme

When I use the default theme, the thermostat card looks fine:

But when I use the midnight theme, it looks weird:

Is that a known issue or do I need to change something?


I have a simple fix:
The css should be this:

.rs-bg-color {
    background-color: var(--paper-card-background-color, white);

instead of:

.rs-bg-color {
    background-color: #fff;

I can’t find this in the github repo. Where can I make a pull request for this?


Same issue for me, where should i find css file you mentioned? thanks

Actually you cannot modify it. There is no file to tweak.
However in the 0.82 beta version this is already fixed. So just wait for the release or update now to the beta :slight_smile:

and everyone is so much waiting with bated breath for the new update…

Looks a lot better since the update however still some bugs for me.
Also would it be possible to add a power button for those that don’t have a system that is permanently on?


Strange. After update to 0.82 i have same issue.
So 0.82 not repair this bug

You need to clear your cache. CTRL+F5

seems like there are still bugs with the latest update


For me the bug is gone

Hi All, I don’t know whether the reported problem is resolved or not.

But if you are the developer of this application, then I suggest you to use the SVG version of the roundSlider to resolve this problem completely. You can find the below demo for that:

@Zoker Otherwise you can create a bug report in the corresponding repo of the application.

So I am running 100.2 and this is how the Generic Thermostat looks. Am I right to say that this issue hasn’t been fixed yet???

Does anyone know anything. Thanks in advance.

The colors are based off your theme. Set up the theme properly and it will look nice.

Sadly this theme is one I have copied from someone else. I am just getting into Lovelace. OK I will look into this. Thanks

Yeah they probably don’t use the thermostat UI so they never set the colors up properly. Sadly, this happens in most themes because people only set up what they use.

This is now fixed. 101.2 fixed it without me having to touch my Themes. Cheers Team. Love HASS.