Lovelace: Timeout to default_view

In my lovelace setup I have different views. When you launch the interface you can specify which view you want to get access to. This work fine.
After having switched to another view, I would like, after a timeout, to go back to the default lovelace view. Is that something doable?
Is this a browser action? Or can lovelace go back to its default view automagically?

This is something you can automate with browser commander:

@tom_l thank you for your quick answer.
I have read the documentation and yes, this plugin can you things related to what I am looking for. However, how to detect this timeout I was hoping for with this plugin? It seems that the trigger must be an event coming from HA. In my case, I will have not have one except if I missed something.

Damn. Yeah, that’s a problem.

Except someone has already solved it :slight_smile:

I don’t pretend to understand it. If you have questions on how it works you’d better ask there.

So assuming it works, start/restart a timer on navigation to any view other than your main one. When the timer expires it triggers an automation to navigate to the main view using browser commander.

@tom_l I have tried to install the code with the explanations provided in the other thread without any luck so far… I will ask over there thank you for the tip, though.

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I would like to give this a bump.
I’m searching for the same and I can’t get it working with the link provided by tom_l.

I’ve seen it somewhere that someone has done it but not explained how . And I dont knows where I’ve seen it … soooo.

I found this repo GitHub - BWilky/viewtimeout: Returns to default view after activity timeout that works like a charm. You can configure in your panel the default view and the time out. Really simple.
The only thing is you need to install aswell GitHub - thomasloven/lovelace-card-tools: 🔹A collection of tools for other lovelace plugins to use in order to work properly.